Nana ~ 4

Time has sped up these past few weeks, and I haven’t even begun to address the reasons behind my reflections on Nanas.  In brief: My son and his fiancée became engaged two and-one half years ago, which brought us a now ten-year-old grandson, and in another week or so will bring us a newborn granddaughter!

Life is complicated.  Mom and her son live in London, with an immigration application underway for the past several months.  Dad lives here and, as a lawyer contentedly practicing criminal law in Ohio, is geographically bound to this state, barring a complete change of career or focus.  In either direction, immigration laws are not easy to navigate, and neither are family dynamics.  And I haven’t even mentioned the political climate in this country, nor the complexities of this little family’s individual situation.

Grandpa and I are headed for London in three weeks.  I had made our reservations to ensure that the baby would have actually arrived before we did, which now looks like a definite outcome, as medical complications are ensuring a birth at the end of this month.

I have always so looked forward to becoming a Nana.  But I freely admit that I had imagined that possibility in fairly specific ways, which involved grandchildren residing nearby, all sorts of commonalities in culture and religion and interests and ambitions, week-end nature hikes, and annual treks to the beach.  At this point, I have had to abandon all preconceptions, including those I don’t even know that I have.  We will be whipping up Nana-ing from scratch.

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  1. I can’t even imagine all the complexities and navigation all this takes…on every level. And add the whole re-thinking who/what is Nana in this new context. Excited you both will be there to enjoy the new baby.


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