Ministry Encounters

It’s Lent, and there’s a lot to do.  Extra worship services to plan, speakers to organize, and the usual rundown of Bible studies, personnel matters, sermons, hospital visits, and conversations about The Future.

Tucked in between all the usual last week were discussions and prayers around suicide, addiction, and gender identity.  Each of these huge societal issues had come home to roost in the form of individuals and families in crisis.

I am guilty to some extent of looking at the neighborhood in which my congregation is located and wondering: What could go wrong?  Of course, I know better than that, from my own family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.  Affluence, physical security, employment, the care of loved ones, privilege of race and ethnicity and gender ~ none of these is a bulwark against human frailty and outright catastrophe.

I took today off, completely.  I did some laundry and I chipped away at the overwhelming project of ridding our house of papers and books and I read, and read, and read.  And in another day . . .  back to the ministry of presence and prayer.

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