When I’m Sixty-Four . . . 2


. . . tomorrow!  Four things to which I am looking forward, to accompany yesterday’s six for which I am grateful:

  1. A better balance in life, meaning more time with friends, more time getting to know people new in my life, more time outdoors, more time for photography.  That’s a lot of more, which means that there also has to be some less.  It’s so easy, in a life of ministry, to allow the demands of the work to consume all waking hours and then some, which is not healthy for any of us.
  2. Changes in physical space.  I know, I know, I’ve been talking about downsizing for years, but really . . . all this stuff has got to go!  Our kitchen is an antique and I’d really like to remodel that, enjoy the house for a few more years, and then move to our retirement bungalow.  (Or perhaps sell the house as is and move for a new adventure?)
  3. Better health.  I am indeed grateful for what I have, but there is plenty of room for improvement.  It’s all a crapshoot, but if I’m still around at 74, I’d like to be facing the following decade with less weight and more strength and more flexibility (that means any) than I have now.
  4. And, of course, travel.  Last night at a party, a few of us talked about our bucket lists.  Mine increasingly include a desire to spend a substantial amount of time in a few places and get to know them a little, including Alaska, Vancouver and BC, Quebec and the Maritimes, the Cinque Terre, more Utah, more PNW, more Paris, more Scotland.  My grandmother and I spent my 13th birthday in Copenhagen and my 15th in Florence ~ maybe I should be working on future birthday plans!

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