Nature ~ I

My daughter and I went for a hike this afternoon, in a fairly new metropark ~ West Creek Reservation.  The trails are not yet well marked, and not visible in the snow, which has been packed down by boots wandering in many places beyond the official all-purpose paths.  Thus, despite the small size of the park, we got lost repeatedly.  We really have no idea where we went.

But it was a beautiful day, sunny and in the process of warming up considerably from the 20s of the past week.

As we neared the end of our hike, we saw a red-tailed hawk on the ground in the snow,  so still and immovable as we approached it that we thought it must be injured.  Suddenly! it took off and flew a short distance, weighed down by a squirrel which seemed much too heavy for it.  As things turned out, it was unable to fly more than a few wingbeats at a time, which it did, slowly making its way uphill and always keeping an eye on us.

We did not want to eat the squirrel, but we did enjoy watching the hawk!



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